• The day after tomorrow



    Today is one of the coldest days I have ever encountered in Hong Kong. Elder students told us that winter this cold is very rare in Hong Kong. Now it’s raining again outside. Rain is my favorite weather, and now it seems so distant and perishing to me.

    I didn’t take my umbrella to class. When I was heading back to the halls this afternoon, I got totally dampened – luckily I had my cap to protect my glasses from getting wet. Passing the Li Promenade, the panorama of the Joint Sports Center in the rains reminded me of a night long ago, when I was also passing there on the way to the halls. But the sky is brighter this time – last time was 8 in the evening.

    Alex told me that he had already changed his Windows desktop background to a poster of the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”. I did too today. Frozen waves stand still in front of the edifices of the NYC. Is it coming now? I don’t know why global warming could also cause the decreasing in temperature during winters. I hardly ever listened during geology classes. But what I heard and see is that heavy snows have blocked many major railway lines in our country. The route I always used transporting back and forth between Beijing and Hong Kong is now obstructed. Friends around me are also cancelling flights back home for the Spring Festival – many airports are also out of use.

    Days ago shortage of electricity also set on due to the blockade in the transportation of power resulted from the snow. But now in the prosperous society of Hong Kong, in our residence halls, I still routinely turn off the lights and sometimes even the television every time I pass by the lounge of our floor. They Hong-Kongers do not forget to switch them off – they just don’t switch them off. They never mind the huge consumption of power. They don’t pay here in the dormitory. Even if they do, it’s just too cheap for them – the government subsidized this much for them to consume it wildly. Who knows what would the production of power result thousands of kilometers away.

    It’s still raining outside. I love rains.