• Rain, the Best Part of Life, Ablutions for the Soul



    Rain, the Best Part of Life, Ablutions for the Soul

    These days I’ve been looking for a better edition of the Bible to read. Actually I have bought a King James Version long ago, but as it is full of 17-century words and grammar, it’s too hard for me to understand clear enough.

    I’ve searched the web and asked friends regarding to the choice of Bible, and got many helpful aids. Finally I found these versions are better fit for a foreign believer.

    First of all, there is the best selling of all, the New International Version. It was translated in 1984, uses accurate modern English language, and is smooth reading. It attempts to balance between word-for-word and thought-for-thought, and is well received by believer of different branch of the Christian religion.

    Secondly there’s the New Living Translation, of which the 1st edition was published in 1996 while the 2nd is in 2004. The language used in it is very easily understood, and it is thought-for-thought, so you don’t need to spend too much time guessing what is the original meaning of the verses. 90 translators took part in the translation of this book.

    The Holman Christian Standard Version is a good choice too. Just released in 2004, it uses up-to-date language and the translation is accurate, and it balances between word-for-word and thought-for-thought. Equally 90 translators were involved.

    The CEV, abbreviated from Contemporary English Version, uses clear, simple language that a child can understand, but with mature style that adult people can appreciate. Apparently it is thought-for-thought. I looked through a couple of verses and found it does use really simple language.

    I finally decided to buy a NIV. The most important reason for it is that I’m still a toddler in religion, and it’d be better for me to choose one that is widely received thus I will not be led to an aberration. And as the language is contemporary, it won’t take much time in understanding the basic meaning of the verses and as it is well selling, it is easy to find in stores.

    I found a paperback version of it in Zhongguancun Book Building, which is a really compact book in which the letters are printed tiny and different sentences are following each other. I’m not satisfied with it so I decided to look for a better version.

    Thanks to Wu Qiuyu for here knowledge-based suggestions and other friends and those many who involved online.