• Thoughts after Watching the Pursuit of Happyness



    I’ve just finished the movie the Pursuit of Happyness, with a misspelled “y” in “Happyness”, which represented the story of Chris Gardner in the past, whose real life story is what this movie is based upon. Will Smith is an actor so accomplished to present a modern life story, and I bought this DVD partly because it stars Will as well as I came across the story on a magazine.

    “You got a dream and you gotta get it.” A saying long heard but spurring as always. I don’t know what would I do if I were in the situation of Chris back then, and he set an example. I was not aware of the fact that much that there are numerous people starving and living on the streets even in the wealthiest nation in the world. People amass in front of the refuge to get a cell to sleep and secure. And as the room is pretty much limited, many must go elsewhere to shelter, sometimes in the restroom of a subway station. I might hardly have imagined life like that. But after watching the movie, I questioned myself: What my life would be like if a live and work abroad?

    First generation immigrants’ life is in most cases difficult. Father failed finally to leave, and I will still pursue it, despite the harshness of life I may face.

    The PURSUIT of happiness, in which the “pursuit” could imply that real happiness would never come. What a funny trick of life, but, who knows. Albeit you might fall after you fight, you must die if you stay put. That’s how the Almighty get the society to function: the weak must make way for the powerful.

    The future I know not. Nobody does. Make a wish and go get prepared.