• About My Country and My People by Lin Yutang




    So depressed. It’s been 31 years since Dr Lin Yutang found peace and 72 years since the first edition of Lin’s My Country and My People was published. I bought a copy of it which was published by the Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press in 2000 recently and have just started reading it. But while I was just finishing the Explanation of Publishing, a couple of words struck me: “Some of Lin’s viewpoint is opposite of Marxism. It does not reveal the standpoint of the publisher…We hope our readers would be understanding while some parts of the book are abridged on account of this reason.” I have not yet start reading the book and totally have no idea what part of the book is abridged. And I know not what the publisher want to hide and why they are afraid of the information being known by the public. I think the public knows how to assess what they absorb in publications; otherwise, the already messed-up publication market would have already killed them. Hope the book can be revised to its original writing in respect for Dr Lin when it will be published again and let the public know a complete Lin Yutang.