• A Never-To-Be-Mailed Letter



    I know you probably will never ever read this, but I want to express how I feel now, after all this three years. I know you from the very first day of it. If it is not love at first sight, I got feelings for you, though I planned not to have a girl till the second year. But that plan made me fail you always.

    You had your own, while I had mine. I know you might have never felt the same way as I do man, but I…I did hate you, but I did want you to be mine at the same time despite that. It sounded strange to me too, but it was the way that things went.

    All too late now I know. I probably missed the only chance in my whole life for this. And I know even if I did succeed to get ya, we mayn’t have hit it off. You’re not that sort of gal. Still there’s regret in my mind.

    I’ve never loved you though, which is what I do know for sure. But still, I’m going to miss you. Sorry for my short notice.

    Blessed be the Lord.