• Thoughts after reading 'The Da Vinci Code'



    “The Da Vince Code”, a worldwide bestseller and a made-into-movie blockbuster, tells an amazing story. The Catholic Church has been hiding a reality covered for two thousand years. Mary Magdalene, in the Catholic Bible, is described as a prostitute, but according to the Priory of Sion, she was the wife of Jesus Christ! And the true identity of the long-sought-after Holy Grail! Dan Brown’s story is all about how a Howard symbolist and a DCPJ cryptographer, who belonged to the Holy family, looked for the hidden documents about the Grail and to reveal the true story to the world.


    The story truly startled me. I used to think that the Church is just for faithful people to gratify their wish to serve the God. But the novel revealed another aspect of it. Although a novel is not like a non-fiction, we can learn some ideas from it. Don’t be credulous.


    Years ago, I considered whether I should join a religion. Many said joining a religion means you have faith, and that could make you stronger spiritually, not disturbed from the external. But not long after, I heard some story from a non-religious man. He told that some priests behaved obscene. When a priest raped a girl, the Church would send him to another country where he could get rid of the punishment. Since then I never decided to join a church although no way making sure if the many negative stories about the Church is true or not. I knew that it was also okay for me to possess a faith without joining any organization. And the “Code” strengthened my idea.


    I learned from the book a lot. It told me there were things unknown to the world, and it made my world-view clearer.