• The Girl



    “This problem could be solved in a better way,” said you, drawing a diagram onto your paper with your tiny, soft hand, the one that I had always wanted to keep holding and petting. It was a cold winter night outside, wind swallowing all sounds. You were still with me studying, without having a meal, waiting for my mom to take me home.

    “I don’t know how I could study and live after our graduation. I can hardly imagine how I can face the coming days without you…” you turned to me, your fingers stroking my cheek.

    “It won’t be hard. I’ll soon be forgotten in your busy life and you’ll come across better guys. And you’ll fall in love with one of them and live even happier. There will be others who care for you.” I consoled you.

    “I’ve no idea how I can fall for any other guy after being with you. My heart has been filled and I cannot stop thinking of you. How can there ever be another guy,” you wept.

    “Don’t think about it too much. Just hold on and everything will be fine.” I tried to make you feel better, with my hands patting your beautiful dark hair.

    You smiled peacefully, although tears on your face. There seemed to be something in your eyes, something I could not take away.


          □ □


    There were days when we did not know much about each other. Though I sat next to you, I seldom talked to you initiatively. I could not remember how we came together, and you said that there was someone who got me to look for you for some reason and that was the beginning of all that happened, but I still could not recall it. All I could remember is a genuine smile.

    After we turned junior 2, we gradually communicated with one another more. In those days, I was always there for you whenever you have difficulties, and you were too.

    Not long after, we began to date. At noon, we usually hung out shopping and eating together, only the two of us with no one disturbing.

    The final year came and we all became busier. The school did not allow students to go out of school at that period of time so you took me around in school looking for somewhere quiet. And when the school was over we went to the oral English classroom outside the main building and spent the late afternoon together.

    Our music teacher was always kind to us. We sometimes go to music classroom after school then.

    The senior high entrance exam finally came and at that time I knew we would never be together any more and I thought you understood it too. And it finally became true.

    The summer vacation was our last days together and we treasured it. Your hands were in mine tightly while we were in the auditorium where we cried. You did not say the “everlasting” but I knew you meant it, and that was what I meant.




    I’m still keeping the ticket of that last day and I carefully stored every little gift you gave to me. I know I may never be able to see you again, but to me that is just fine. In my heart you are always the young innocent girl with the long hair to the waist and with a sincere smile spread across your face.

    And I know if ever we could meet again you would smile at me from your heart and call out my name, which was only for you.

    God bless.