• Your favorite MSN username


    Months ago when the Windows Live domain live.cn was introduced to China in addition to hotmail.com, people rushed to register accounts that suits their most desired usernames (their names, where they live, etc.). In days many accounts bearing popular Chinese names had been taken and those who fail to get their first choice had to redesign their user-defines.


    But did they need to? Days ago I just registered my new Windows Live account bearing my exact full name, which is quite a popular spelling in China. But how? Obviously it had already been taken under either hotmail.com or live.cn or even live.com, which is a United States domain, however, scores of Windows Live domains lies out there!


    On this webpage http://www.mydigitallife.info/2007/11/14/register-windows-live-id-with-hotmail-livecom-or-windowslivecom-or-local-domains/, you can find a list of localized Windows Live domains. Someone may exclaim, “The interface’s in Japanese! How can I use it?” No worries. The Windows Live services supports all its 35 languages whatever your domain is! That means even if you registered a Hotmail address ended with live.co.kr, which is localized for Korea, you can still change the interface to Simplified Chinese and use it completely no differently from an account registered under live.cn, except that you have your favorite and easiest-to-remember username now! Of course, the registration page and default user interface have to be shown in the local language, but such interfaces are identical among different languages, thus you may well refer to the same page in your own language in another tab to finish the registration and initial language setting.


    Other than looking for the localized registration pages from the webpage mentioned above, you can also find it on your own by changing the webpage language preference in your browser. This does not change your browser’s interface, so you do not need to worry about failing to use the browser correctly after the change. As in Firefox, click through Tools>Options>Content>Languages>Choose, and select any a language that Windows Live offers to add to the languages of preference. Move the newly added language to the top of the list then click OK. Go to register for Windows Live at www.hotmail.com and choose the localized domain.


    Besides these localized domains, Windows Live also has other customized domains. Following is a service offered for India (but non-exclusive!) by Windows Live to register Windows Live accounts under quite a long list of domains: http://www.coolhotmail.com/whoi_am.asp. They work the same as any other Windows Live domain.


    My new Windows Live account was registered under live.hk, and I already have my full name perfectly as the username for Windows Live. Why don’t you get yours now?


    Fun Fact: Hotmail, the essence of Windows Live services, wasn’t initiated by Microsoft! See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hotmail#.